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Stunning 4-Plex in Uptown! Convenient location on Lyndale with just a short walk to lakes, coffee shops, resta...

2740 Lyndale Avenue #

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Located just to the southwest of downtown Minneapolis is the Lowry Hill East neighborhood in Hennepin County. The boundaries of Lowry Hill East, which include Lyndale Avenue,  Hennepin Avenue, Lake Street and Interstate 94, make the neighborhood into sort of a triangle shape. As a result of its shape, Lowry Hill East has earned the nickname “the Wedge.” This neighborhood was developed by real estate mogul Thomas Lowry during the 1880s when he built a horse-drawn streetcar system that went through the neighborhood. Much of the Lowry Hill East community is make up of 20th century homes, apartment buildings, coffee shops, local grocery stores and other businesses that residents appreciate. There are other neighborhoods that surround the Lowry Hill East neighborhood. They include Stevens Square, Loring Park, Whittier, Lyndale and others. Lowry Hill lies just to the northwest. The neighborhood includes less than a half square mile of land space and there is a population of around 6,000 people. Features include Mueller Park, Jefferson Community School, Walker Library and several walkways and bike paths throughout the neighborhood.

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